Ganakagok Jeepforged

Play Ganakagok With Freeform Rules 

The term "Jeepforged" evokes both the drama-heavy, immersive techniques of the Jeepform style as well as the system-matters sensitivity to game-mechanical impact on play characteristic of The Forge. To my way of thinking, this game is a hybrid of those two schools.

Here's the current version, scheduled to run at Dexcon 12 in July in Morristown, NJ.

It consists of a one-page "Facilitator's Guide" plus a "Spirit Guide" for players to use during play. The relationship map now includes the forces of the Forgotten Ones as well as the names of some Star-spirit constellations. There are spirit cards and character cards to use during play.

I ran a version of Ganakagok Jeepforged at Camp Nerdly 3 in May 2009.

Here are the older rules for the Ganakagok Freeform game I ran at Knutepunkt 2009. I suppose they mainly have historical interest now, with perhaps some sentimental value. The best part of the game was the fact that it was played in the "color box," a basement room with fancy lighting that we altered to show the gradual approach of the dawn. Really neat. I gave away two decks to folks who played the game; hopefully they'll try to run it themselves.